Congratulations on Ur New Roof

Things to expect when getting a roof replacement that are beyond our control and responsibility.

• Have a licensed HVAC technician check the flue pipe connections in your attic after roof install to prevent fumes or gasses possibly leaking into your home. 

• Your mortgage company’s name may be listed on your check. Please confirm prior to roof completion, notify your HNR representative, and contact your mortgage company for direction on processing the check.

• Please have payment ready at the time the roof is completed. Payment is due at the time of the walk-around with your HNR Representative. Any questions or concerns will be addressed at that time prior to payment.

• There’s a lot of dust that’s created in your attic so if you have items in your attic you may want to cover or remove them. 

• If you have an HOA, you may want to notify them of any color changes you are interested in making.

• A roof installation causes a lot of vibrations across the home so if you have figurines or breakable items that could tip over, we recommend laying them down or storing them away until after the roof is completed. Also, although not common, light fixtures if not properly installed during the initial construction of the home can come loose or fall off due to vibration. We highly recommend checking light fixtures to ensure they are securely affixed to the ceiling or wall. There’s also a chance for nail pops, cracks in drywall, or joint tape cracking separating/coming loose. This is caused by improper installation of the drywall. 

• If you have any heavy items, ie: paintings, we ask that you take them down.

• We are not responsible for moving outdoor furniture for liability reasons, so if you have any outdoor furniture, grills, pots, etc. we ask that you pull them away from the house so falling debris does not damage them.

• We place traps around the property to catch falling debris but those tarps can generate a lot of heat, especially in the middle of summer so if you have delicate plants please take extra caution by covering them with a sheet before the installation of plants that you want us to pay special attention to let us know ahead of time. During a roof installation, some plants may get damaged.

• There are thousands of nails that come off your roof during a replacement. We will do our best to get up all of them, but on occasion, there are some nails left behind. If there is an exorbitant amount of nails, please contact us and we will come out and run our magnet again. 

• After the job is completed we recommend that you thoroughly check your driveway and yard to ensure no flat tires or nail pokes. 

• We use a third-party dumpster company. After the roof is completed we will immediately notify them of such but we have no control over their scheduling as to when they will remove the dumpster. We are also not responsible for oil stains, marks rust, or cracks that may be caused by the dumpster trucks. 

• We thoroughly track the weather but unfortunately, it’s not a 100% accurate science. We only install roofs if there is little to no chance of rain based on the forecast from the night before, but there’s no need to worry because if it does rain which occasionally happens, we have tarps at hand to cover and protect your roof.

• Shingles are a tar-based product with ruff and jagged edges, so during your roof installation, there’s a chance that the shingles may leave scuff marks on your siding or a tear in a screen. This is to be expected with a new roof replacement. If tears in screens are a concern, we recommend you remove them prior to installation.

• If it’s particularly breezy on the day of installation, debris could blow into the street or a neighbor’s yard, but rest assured that by the time your roof is completed all debris will be cleaned up. 

• Some homes during construction have uneven lumber installed for the rafters of your home giving the roof a sagging appearance which is especially noticeable after the new roof is installed. Unfortunately, shingles can’t do anything to address this issue and don’t contribute to that issue either. Shingles are a thin product that only serves as a weather protectant and visual enhancer. Fortunately, those sags or dips are only cosmetic because we check the viability of the plywood before we install the shingles and it doesn’t affect the functionality of the roof. 

• We recommend leaving for the day so that you’re not rapped in your home during the roof installation due to falling debris, but if you choose to stay home we implore you to stay indoors to avoid possible injury from falling debris and scatters nails. 

• If you have a satellite installed on your roof, we recommend having it relocated to the ground on a pole to avoid potential future leaks. If you choose to leave it on the roof, there is a possibility you may lose signal and may develop a leak in that area in the future. The dish may need to be recalibrated by the service provider. If your insurance company is paying for your roof, they usually pick up the expense for you as long as you provide a receipt. 

• Please turn off your AC unit in the morning during the tear off of your old roof.

• We recommend you remove your window screens because falling debris can
damage them.

• Sometimes newly installed shingles can cause a temporary tar smell inside
the home but that quickly dissipates after a couple of days.

• After installation is complete, there may be excess material. That material is the property of HNR and will be collected at the time we do a final walk-around with you.

• Please share this information with all family members and guests who will be in the home at the time of installation.



We work closely with insurance adjusters to make sure you get what is needed for the repairs.


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